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Welcome to Exotic Fish Tasmania.

Exotic Fish Importers, Breeders and Stockists. We have recently started stocking New Life Spectrum fish food, New Life Spectrum is the best of the best, high quality formula fish food. It provides a balanced diet providing the fish with the things they require to thrive and survive. New Life Spectrum fish food formulas contain garlic, garlic helps aid you in feeding the fussy fish in your aquariums. Garlic also helps optimize the fishes immune system, and helps to protect against parasites. NLS is especially suited to feeding during periods of stress in the fishes life such as: quarantine of new fish: during disease recovery: for fry before and after netting and movement.

We stock sizes 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

In three different formulas: American, African and Thera A.

New Life Spectrum

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