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About Us.

Welcome to our page. We are a small start up business located in the lovely quiet Cambridge Village, in Southern Tasmania. We take pride in owning and selling some of the healthies and highest quality fish in Tasmania.


What differs us to the big chain pet stores and even the smaller aquariums is that we have cheaper prices, better quality and more understanding about each and every fish we sell and breed. We have a wide knowleage about alot of species of fish, ornamental and wild. Feel free to email or message us with any questions or advice you may need, if we do not know the answer we will research and ask our suppliers etc and find the answers for you!


We are very pasionate about our fish and love them like they are our children. 

We do monthly fish orders, so check in the "Fish For Sale" tab weekly for our new fish lists we will post. We also regualry have fish for sale from tiny bristle noses to larger big angry fish! 

We have lots of Exotic Fish of our own, we have two sting rays, many many peacock bass, hillstream loaches, sleepy cod, eel tails, knife fish, plecos, L numbers and many breeds of bristle noses. Plus many more. 


"I bought some Hillstream

loaches a few weeks ago

and they are the most wonderful fish I have 

ever bought."- 45 Kingston.

"Amazing service, 

friendly and really helpful."- 32 Hobart.

"Best quality fish I have 

ever bought. Best fish stockists

in Tasmania"- 24 Launceston.

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